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How to write a great business plan? 9 Effective way to write a business plan. Coffee to Business

Updated: Oct 6, 2019

For every startup, writing a great business plan is the most important step for its success.

How to write a great business plan? Coffee to business

Why Business Plan is Important?

After starting a business, most of the founder and team members get distracted from their goals. This happens because our brain is not able to retain the things in the memory for a long time. There are a lots of benefits of writing a great business plan.

  • It helps in measuring the progress

  • It keeps us organised and stress free.

  • It helps in keep us motivated throughout the journey of the start

  • The business plan is the things that keeps them into the track.

Here is the question arises,

How to write a great business plan?

There are 9 effective steps that will help you to create a great business plan.

  1. Vision : Write down the vision and mission statement for the company. Ask, why are you starting? What will you have after 2 or 5 years after this company? What I am providing to the people and the world? and more that will help you in understanding later in the future.

  2. Set Goals and Objectives : Write down the clear and concise note on goals and objective that you set for your company.

  3. Define USP (Unique selling Proposition): Ask what are the strategies you gonna to build to sell your product and services.

  4. Know your market: Understand your market. Always keep in mind that, the supply of the product and services in the market is low then the demand.

  5. Understand your customer: Understand why the customer needs you apart from the other people in the market. What value you are going to give to the people.

  6. Research the Demand and Supply: Demand should be high and supply should be low of the product/services that you are going to start.

  7. Set your marketing goals : Set your marketing goals, what you are expecting and define the things in proper timeline.

  8. Define Your marketing strategy: How you gonna reach your target audience or customer to provide your services or to sell your products.

  9. Take action: This is the most important step after writing a great business plan. Try to take action as quick as you can. Never wait for the right time to come, make your own time.

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